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Calling for stories, videos and ideas on the 11 Fundamental Duties! ...

Calling for stories, videos and ideas on the 11 Fundamental Duties!

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of India this year on 26th November, 2019 , the Government of India launched a campaign focusing on creating awareness on the Fundamental Duties that are enshrined in Chapter IV-A (Article 51A) of the Indian Constitution throughout the country.

Fundamental Duties impart directions of citizenship behaviour on the part of all concerned. The onus of implementation of Fundamental Duties is on every citizen. Though not legally enforceable, they have an inherent element of compulsion regarding compliance because what is duty for one is another person’s right.

By practicing and thus reinforcing these Fundamental Duties, we, as common citizens, can play a positive and effective role in fulfilling our duties towards our country and fellow citizens and will also ensure that India occupies a rightful place in the comity of nations.

MyGov in collaboration with Department of Justice invites you to share your stories, videos or ideas on the 11 Fundamental Duties.
• to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem
• to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom
• to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India
• to defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so
• to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women
• to value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture
• to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife, and to have compassion for living creatures
• to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform
• to safeguard public property and to abjure violence
• to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement
• who is a parent or guardian to provide opportunities for education to his child or, as the case may be, ward between the age of six and fourteen years.

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Balakrishna Bhat 1 min 1 sec ago

People should to taught and enlightened on their duties constantly and right from childhood. Rights should never be taught or highlighted. they follow automatically. Otherwise constant conflicts follow . the list of rightists will continuously grow and make it impossible to live in peace at any place and even in one’s own home. Only lawers and activists will prosper while all others choke.

Balakrishna Bhat 12 minutes 12 sec ago

Constitution should have spelt out only the duties. Duties bind people together. Duties make life purposeful. Duties give a bigger dimension, purpose and scale to life. On the other hand rights pitch one against the other and invariably lead to disruptions. They cause unhappiness and they pretend to improve life. Duties lead to integration, unity. Rights sow seeds of disintegration and disunity. Duties are nearly invariant and eternal. Rights are transient and change with time.

Balakrishna Bhat 26 minutes 53 sec ago

Rights are a natural consequence which the system bestows on the upholders. But not all . So any rights groups should be respected only when it shows equal alacrity and interest in pointing out the responsibilities of their customers.

Balakrishna Bhat 38 minutes 56 sec ago

Most fundamental of all duties for all mankind which is sitting at the top of the life system on earth in terms of evolution of consciousness is to nurture and protect all forms of life and its necessary environment: not just himself, his family, his nation or the like. Most fundamental duty of man is to preserve and if possible improve the ability of planet earth to sustain life in all its forms and leave the earth in a better and more healthy state.

Balakrishna Bhat 48 minutes 3 sec ago

Therefore even our constitution should have named only the duties of all including of the government and its servants . Confusion and conflict is bound to arise when both rights and duties are enshrined in the constitution. This will lead to repeated changes in the constitution and also enormous delays in settling any case in the court of law filled with loops and sub loops

Anandhu PR 2 hours 21 minutes ago

To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem;
To cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom;
To uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India..

hemant kumar dixit 3 hours 15 minutes ago

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Trust provided one week ration to the needy people in one pack . Flour, rice, pulse, cooking oil, sugar, spices.
In this work we do not take picture or photograph of the recipient.
Awareness program through poster.

Suraj Rai 3 hours 25 minutes ago

अंधभक्तों ढाई लाख कोरोना पॉजिटिव हो गए भारत में ना थाली ना ताली ना ही मोमबत्ती ऐसे कैसे काम चलेगा।