Inviting Inputs on Draft Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies

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The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) was notified as an overarching skills regulator on 5th December 2018 vide notification No. SD-17/113/2017-E&PW ...

The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) was notified as an overarching skills regulator on 5th December 2018 vide notification No. SD-17/113/2017-E&PW

The NCVET will regulate the functioning of entities engaged in vocational education and training, both long & short-term, and establish minimum standards for the functioning of such entities.

Pursuing its mandate, NCVET has developed a draft of the ‘Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies’. These guidelines are an attempt to standardize operations and outcomes of the Awarding Bodies (ABs) in the skills ecosystem. This will lead to improvement in quality and market relevance of skill development programs lending credibility to vocational education and training, encouraging greater private investment and employer participation in the skills space.
Guidelines define scope, criteria, tenure and detailed process of recognition as an AB. A robust mechanism of monitoring and evaluation based on well-defined parameters forms integral part of the guidelines.
The AB guidelines are structured as eligibility criteria and continuance criteria. The eligibility criteria ensures that ABs demonstrate required sustainable capacity earmarking the basic minimal organizational requirements and necessities. The continuation criteria ensures continuity of an awarding body based on its performance against the monitoring and evaluation parameters.

Comments are invited from public on the proposed guidelines.

Click here to read ‘Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies’

Last date of submission is 30th September 2020

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MALLARAPU YASWANTH 4 weeks 2 hours ago

There are people in the society for whom circumstances, lack of resources and setbacks are no hurdles. These individuals are people of strong will and dedication. Despite all odds, these champions polish their lives so much in their field of interest that they stand apart in society. Having achieved great heights in their respective domains, these individuals need to be encouraged, hence Achievers’ World Excellence Awards. Nominations can be submitted by anyone .

Ambrish Kumar Mishra 4 weeks 3 hours ago

Though government is trying to maximize the benefit to poor,unemployed youth,women though NCVET(ITI),Skill India(PMKK). Still majority is not getting benefit,So act as under-

1.There should be tie up of manufacturing companies with govt to select minimum 10% of employees from ITIs or PMKKs.
2.If govt contribute 10-15% of the salary of candidate selected through ITI/PMKK for 1 year,no company will thrash candidate from job
3.In schools one skill course should be mandatory
plz like if agree.

Md Riyaz Ahmd 4 weeks 16 hours ago

vocational training need changes: education system only for skill development an easy way to self employment and make money
1)short term courses 100% practical skills with theory
2) long term courses 100% practical & theory innovation project work independent and group to make something new unique innovation
3) every person should do new and unique innovation in that skill
4) workshop, group discussion, interviews etc to make new idea in creative work
5) India will beat the world in development

Subash Chandra sahoo 4 weeks 20 hours ago

Respected Sir,
National Council for Vocational Education and Training has developed a draft of the Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies.Skilled and trained people will be produced .They can be employed in govt sector or private sector or self employed so that the Unemployment problem will be solved mostly.Govt should provide them loans and other assistances to earn independently utilizing their own skills.

Dinesh Kumar 4 weeks 20 hours ago

Awards selection process is improving. The selection should be restructured & it should be judged based on ‘indigenous priorities, innovative solution, national service specially in neglected areas/regions..


The award criterion should also have a thought of the future consequences of awarding someone.
How the awardee is going to bring some positive changes in the country.