Inviting Ideas for PM Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on 27th September, 2020

Last Date Sep 26,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on ...

PM Narendra Modi looks forward to sharing his thoughts on themes and issues that matter to you. The Prime Minister invites you to share your ideas on topics he should address on the 69th Episode of Mann Ki Baat.

Send us your suggestions on the themes or issues you want the Prime Minister to speak about in the upcoming Mann Ki Baat episode. Share your views in this Open Forum or alternatively you can also dial the toll-free number 1800-11-7800 and record your message for the Prime Minister in either Hindi or English. Some of the recorded messages may become part of the broadcast.

You can also give a missed call on 1922 and follow the link received in SMS to directly give your suggestions to the Prime Minister.

And stay tuned to Mann Ki Baat at 11:00 AM on 27th September, 2020

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AJMAL RAHMAN 38 minutes 19 sec ago




anil kumar 41 minutes 54 sec ago

Namaste ji...
I'm Anilkumar G from Kerala, i have one request ie, pls impliment Small Medium and Corporate level Gold merchants shops in our Nation above 50000/-(Fifty Thousand above INR) dealing business instead of cash purchase electronic cash/wallet money / plastic money system (ie. ATM card or Net banking facility) when this facility impliment give 1% to customer, i think it will help part of our dream currency-less India, moreover it will help to our Economic strength.

RANDHEER 42 minutes 41 sec ago

Sir, I am a civil services book name is useful education and crime reform.give me one chance work for this area

lakshya trivedi 46 minutes 51 sec ago

A lot of students pursuing architecture via Nata examinations are facing an isuue due to which they are not vale to get their score cards. If this matter can be looked upon, then please help us

John F Kharshiing 47 minutes 48 sec ago

Pls increase budget of sports in states their focus is on other sectors etc. Hence sports is low on prioriy. Can their be MGNREGA Like scheme for Sports to include talent search, village infra planning support team of specialists at every village of 200 children an above. village schools conduct annual sports day however no state has ever put in place synergy to collect such data village planning for sports is zero result land for sports in rural villages getting very less in absence of support

Dr Mohandoss Thammanna 58 minutes 37 sec ago


Sharing a thought for the COVID-19 protection.
Design a sunglass with solar cells that receive solar energy from Sun's rays and emit energy.
These cells should emit adequate energy/heat that would sanitize the face - eyes, nose and mouth and act as a thin film of protection to viruses entry to these organs.
It should not cause appreciable damage to the face/body.
Solar energy conservation body can verify this and take it forward, when found valid suggestion.
Dr. T. Mohandoss

Turaga Venkata nageswara Rao 1 hour 10 minutes ago

Respected Sir,
For achieving Mera Bharat Mahan, our present education system is should be included with such a syllabus to inculcate Morality & Humanity in the student community at large. During the past seven decades this aspect was very conveniently neglected by the Government from time to time.
Particularly for the education starting from 8th Standard and above, this sort of Syllabus with the subjects of Morality & Humanity should be added in every cirruculum. This will bring a change

Ranganatha A 1 hour 11 minutes ago

Please enlighten the citizens regarding EYE DONATION. Let our eyes help our own brothers and sisters who can have the vision, provided we start registering for donating our eyes after our death. Many agencies in the country are working in this noble work. However I believe a word from my beloved PM, in "Mann ki baat" will boost the morale of all such NGO's and countrymen.

Sandeep Kumar Choube 1 hour 26 minutes ago

किसानों को उनकी उपज का उचित/अधिकतम मूल्य दिलाना -
1/ देश के अधिकांश कृषकों को अपनी उपज की ग्रेडिंग/साफ-सफाई के लिए जागरूक कर राज्य/पंचायत स्तर पर आवश्यक मशीनी सुविधा उपलब्ध कराई जाए।
2/ फल, सब्जी, मसालों को सुरक्षित रखने के लिए राज्य/पंचायत स्तर पर कोल्ड स्टोरेज चेन को विकसित किया जाये।
3/ वर्तमा‌न व्यवस्था में कृषकों का विश्वास व वित्तीय निर्भरता सरकार से ज्यादा स्थानीय व्यापारियों पर है।
4/ न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य को कानून बनाकर अनिवार्य किया जाये।
5/ देश में नेशनल बैंकिग लागू की जाए।

Sumit Nandi 1 hour 34 minutes ago

Respected PM sir: Myself Sumit Nandi from West Bengal. I am a passout B. Pharm student and I want to appear in the health services exam under Central Govt. But the age limit is 25 years only for general category students. So they don't get proper scope to sit in the exam. I humbly request you to consider the matter and take such steps so that the age-limit is extended at least 27 years for the general category students in the interest of health services of the country. Thank you.