Increasing LPG Coverage in the Country

Increasing LPG Coverage in the Country
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Jan 07, 2016
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Mar 08, 2016
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LPG is one of the ‘clean’ cooking fuel with present consumer base of 17cr in the country and present coverage is 60% of the households. Government of India is committed to ...

LPG is one of the ‘clean’ cooking fuel with present consumer base of 17cr in the country and present coverage is 60% of the households. Government of India is committed to increase LPG coverage in the country to 75% of the household. Present, LPG distributor network has more than 17000 distributors spread having presence in both Rural and Urban areas of the Country. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India is of the view that there is a need to increase of LPG coverage in the rural areas considering the benefits of LPG in terms of health and environment. Ministry recognizes that availability, accessibility and affordability of LPG are the key factors to increase the LPG coverage in rural areas. This can be done with bringing in new distributorships aligning with challenges encountered with respect of making them available to the last mile.

Therefore, Ministry solicits suggestions/inputs from citizens on the new model of distributorship particularly for the areas such as Hilly/Desert/Densely forested/other difficult locations. Also, to suggest names of locations which require establishing new distributorship.

The extant Guidelines for Selection of Distributorship is available on

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SHIVAM BASIA 7 years 9 months ago

Giving LPG subsidiary should be stopped.That money,given for LPG subsidiary should be used for subsidiarying solar power panels.In this way,India will get 24/7 electricity.Then,Indians will start cooking on induction cooker which works on electricity.In this way,INDIA will not import LPG cylinders and the Indian Rupees will increase compared to foreign currencies.Also,the pollution created by LPG will be reduced.
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yogesh sonawane 7 years 9 months ago

to balance this 1600 crore for BPL LPG connection PM sir's ad should also contain that we need 1 crore volunteers who will give up their subsidy & help these poors to get LPG connection. instead of making donation in temples kindly donate here. we will send you name and details of beneficiary . this should come in advertisement.
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yogesh sonawane 7 years 9 months ago

almost 90 - 95% of BPL families do not have LPG connection . government can waive off deposit to all BPL families. gov should make advertisement of it & in ad of PM modi sir should add one more line that in this financial year we target 1 crore BPL deposit free connections which will cost 1600 crores /- to government & urge all BPL public to take advantage of it immediately.
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Devender Kumar 7 years 9 months ago

There should be open micro unit at village level.
They have regular supply of LPG.
Should be small LPG cylinder there.

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shivangdixit_1 7 years 9 months ago

3 bottles LPG gas used in six months this should A Scheme
6 bottles LPG gas used in 1 year this should B Scheme
12 months bottles LPG gas used in 36 months this should C Scheme
Only for ahdhar card users
And gas agencies can earn their 600 करोड on subscription

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SATYANAND VIKAS 7 years 9 months ago

LPG connection लेने मे गैस चुल्हा वितरक से लेना जरुरी है, नही तो 250 रु इन्स्पेक्सन का चार्ज हेै। वितरक चुल्हे की कीमत वितरक 2000रु रखते है। इसके आधे कीमत पर कुछ अच्छी कम्पनियो के चुल्हे बाजार मे मीलते है। LPG वितरक मनमाने कीमत लॆकर नये कनेक्सन दॆते है जो अमुमन 7000 रु होते है। आवश्यक्ता है सरकार इस इन्स्पेक्सन चार्ज कॊ खत्म करे और नये कनेक्सन का पैसा वितरक कॆ पास जमा ना करवा कर ओनलाइन एप्लिकेसन हॊ और बैक चालान सॆ सीधे बैङ्क मे जमा करवाने की सुविधा हॊ ताकि वितरक अपनी मनमानी न कर सके।
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Shiv Tiwari 7 years 9 months ago

dear Readers ! What i Got below comment by Yogesh thandava is really true , few months ago i were trying to get a gas cylinder from my home town .I booked it by online services but unfortunately they denied to provide me with its actually cost which defined by indian gov and they required money in cash with stove and all. How this will end in our country and when the day will come?

Sameer Garg_1
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Sameer Garg 7 years 9 months ago

Idea is to open LPG REFILL CENTRE near villages and introduce 5 Kg / 2 Kg Composite cylinders which are light and explosion proof. End user can refill his cylinder at refill centre. Also Refill centre can keep Filled Cylinders, to be exchanged with end user any time. AutoLPG is already being stored at retail outlet therefore storing LPG near villages shall not be major issue. Marketing company can deploy trained manpower who will be on rolls of refill centre owner. #LPG, #MoPNG, MyGov
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HARI DOSS 7 years 9 months ago

In our country most of our people want to enjoy all benefits in any way even by cheating. for example most of the ration cards with bogus address. While our government try to correct it they (including Opposition parties) are foul crying the Govt. is not favouring poor and middle class.