How to Control Growth of Heavy Vehicular Traffic & Traffic Safety in UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?

How to Control Growth of Heavy Vehicular Traffic & Traffic Safety in UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli?
Last Date Mar 31,2016 18:00 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Dadra & Nagar Haveli is well connected by road and Rail with rest of the country. The NH-8 provides the major road connectivity to the study area. With rapid Urbanization and ...

Dadra & Nagar Haveli is well connected by road and Rail with rest of the country. The NH-8 provides the major road connectivity to the study area. With rapid Urbanization and industrial growth in Dadra & Nagar Haveli UT, the population and vehicles have increased rapidly in the recent past years. This resulted in traffic congestion in the urban areas. UT Administration has frequently initiated steps for betterment of heavy vehicular traffic plying in this UT and having appreciated the existing problems and constraints felt that there is a strong need for improvement of Infrastructure in Road Sector in a planned manner to meet the growing demand.

The Report provides information about the regulatory and economic context in which the Territory’s heavy vehicle industrial traffic operates. It addresses forecasts of future vehicle traffic and measures in place to manage heavy vehicle safety issues within the urban area of this UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. The Taskforce has used the information gathered to assess potential risks and identify opportunities to improve road safety outcomes for all road users in UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The term traffic safety refers to the risk of a person being killed or seriously injured while using the traffic network as a pedestrian, cyclist or user of public or private transport. The importance of traffic safety is obvious; traffic accounts for many deaths and injuries. According to the traffic department of UT, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 50 -60 deaths UT wide in a year. Measures can be taken in order to reduce the number of casualties and injuries greatly.

Most industrialized States & UTs have comprehensive requirements and specifications for safety-related vehicle devices, systems, design, and construction. These may include Passenger restraints such as seat belts often in conjunction with and airbags Crash avoidance equipment such as lights and reflectors Driver assistance systems such as Electronic Stability Control Crash survivability design including fire-retardant interior materials, standards for fuel system integrity, and the use of safety glass moderation detectors.

The department is inviting comments in this regard from expertise in the field so that the same can be adopted by the department and thus makes improvement in the traffic related issues.

The last date for submission of your comments is 31st March, 2016 by 6:00 PM IST.

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Viswanathan Nair_1 5 years 6 months ago

Building & maintenance of infrastructure facilities (roads, bridges, telecommunication, water supply, sanitation etc.) needs to be taken on war footing since industrial development of our region galloped manifold, along with population over the years. I have been witnessing very harrowing experience in the road transport sector for more than twenty years, which is the only link of this region to the rest of India.

Dinesh Gupta_30 5 years 6 months ago

1) To control the heavy traffic, Bypass road is already sanctioned for Silvassa. Municipal corporation has to act on it so that this bypass ring road can be activated quickly. 2) CCTV cameras to be installed with Hi-mast polls to punish the right person who breaks the rules. 3) Signage for speed control instead of breakers, removal of breakers to avoid the accidental circumstances will help in traffic jamming conditions. 4) Removal of encroachment at main roads to release wide roads.

Sunil Bais 5 years 6 months ago

we must need a ring road for heavy vehicles bcoz theres lot of heavy vehicles entered in the UT as there is lots of industries are establishes in around of silvassa. we need more wider roads and flyover for controlling traffic of silvassa. As population is growing day by day it is must to prepare an action plan for the road safety and traffic control. I think flyover is the best way to control traffic and for the less accident......

Prakash Konnur 5 years 6 months ago

Increasing roads or widening them would only give temporary relief for about 2 to 3 years, and then we would be back in square one.
Instead incentives could be provided to companies to move their offices from cities to rural areas.
Most IT service companies do not need to be located in the city. All they need is good power supply and internet connection.
If infrastructure is improved in rural areas and incentives provided, then companies could become inclined to move there.

Sahi Ram Pandia 5 years 6 months ago

Traffic jham is major problem at Silvassa-vapi main road at location samarvan To piparia bridge. We noted main reason for traffic jham /block is Commercial vehicle entry in city area. So we suggest to you make by pass road / ring road out side from city. So save energy, control on pollution and safe environment.

Dev Shah_1 5 years 7 months ago

Respected sir traffic can be controlled by making more and more roads. If there would be 2-3 roadways for 1 destination the number of vehicles for a particular destination will be divided among those 2-3 roadways.
               THANK YOU FOR READING

Manish Pandya_1 5 years 7 months ago

UNDERGROUND RAIL NETWORK like Metro to reduce passenger vehicular traffic, dedicated lane for Sarthi bus, Increase in Frequency of Sarthi bus, Fly overs at major junctions, Parking bays on roads at strategic locations, painting lanes for promoting lane driving #DadraandNagarHaveli #UT

JAGDISH PATHAK 5 years 7 months ago

Recently a Notification issued by authority Bhavnagar Gujarat about RTO Traffic penalty charges for not helding PUC of vehicle rs. 1000/=. It is created & enhanced more corruptive practice and unduly harassment to public without changes in pollution control. I want to suggest that the object of PUC to control the pollution and not only to held with vehicle,hence,first instance,if any person found without PUC,he has been given chance to clear PUC within 24 hours,if he failed,penalty to be charged

Dinesh_299 5 years 8 months ago

1. No parking on main roads
2. Parking on arterial road should be charged. No free parking on public space
3. Heavy fines for traffic rules violations
4. Older vehicles shunted out to rural areas
5. Public transport system be strengthened

Rishabh Gupta_61 5 years 8 months ago

Dear Modi Ji,

If we can put restriction on number of people travelling in a two wheeler and four wheeler. If we can put restriction on four wheeler that it should have minimum two people then only anyone can ride on road or else they have to make some pass that will be costly. This will push people to use public transport that will not only reduce traffic but also control pollution.

So we need to put restriction on different wheeler vehicle.