Give Suggestions for Prime Minister's Speech for Independence Day 2018

Over the last few years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directly invited ideas and suggestions from citizens for Independence Day Speech. Similarly, this year too the Prime ...

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Over the last few years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directly invited ideas and suggestions from citizens for Independence Day Speech. Similarly, this year too the Prime Minister invites citizens to contribute their views, ideas, suggestions and vision for New India.

PM Narendra Modi will pick up some of the ideas in his speech on 15th August from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

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Darpan Rathi's picture

Darpan Rathi 3 months 12 hours ago

जय श्रीराम,
आपको और सभी देशवासीयो को स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक सुभकामनाये!
मै महाराष्ट्र के विदर्भ प्रान्त के अमरावती जिले के धामणगाव तहसील के एक किसान का लडका बोल रहा हु। मेरे छोटेसे दिमाग में ग़रीब,बेरोजगार एवं मेरे किसान भाईयो के लिए एक योजना कार्यान्वित हुई है।

Akhileshwari Singh's picture

Akhileshwari Singh 3 months 12 hours ago

Respected Sir,I have registered grievances dated 22/12/2016 but no action has been taken yet either by PMO or concern department. Grievances details as below. PMOPG/E/2016/0600444

Preetinder_1's picture

Preetinder_1 3 months 14 hours ago

I have listened you Respected Prime Minister the nation biggest need is free education policy to poor people .your efforts are best for building the nation to new heights .education is like changing the mindset for the nation .

Mahesh Kalra's picture

Mahesh Kalra 3 months 14 hours ago

make sure whenever our respected PM make speech at lal quila on independence day our National Flag should be in lahlarane ki position me hona chahiye it can be done with big fan

VIJAY PRATAP's picture

VIJAY PRATAP 3 months 14 hours ago

प्रधानमंत्री जी एक मांग या तो सबको पुरानी पेंशन दीजिये या सभी सांसदों विधायकों और अन्य लोगो की बंद कीजिए।

Ram Prasad Dubey's picture

Ram Prasad Dubey 3 months 15 hours ago

माननीय प्रधानमंत्री महोदय जी हम जानते है की आप द्वारा हम शिक्षा प्रेरक को आज तीन साल से मानदेय नहीं दिया गया है क्या यही अछे दिन है आप की पार्टी का कोई भी संसद लोक सभा में इस समस्या को नहीं उठाया किन्तु आप के संजय सिंह ने हम लोगो की समस्या को प्र्मोखता से उठाया है किन्तु आप की सरकार सुनती कहा है सिर्फ बोलती है अत; आप से अनुरोध है की हम गरीबो का भी धयान दे धन्यवाद

Mitesh Kumar's picture

Mitesh Kumar 3 months 16 hours ago

Dear PM,there has been a steep rise of violence against doctors. We Indians expect world class treatment from doctors but refuse to accept that diseases and treatment has their own complications which are bound to occur in few cases. Medical science is not a perfect science as each disease has varying presentations in different individuals. We have a fixed thought process that if patient dies, it is because of negligence of doctors but forget the complication of the disease.

Mehul's picture

Mehul 3 months 16 hours ago

Respected sir,

Who applied for the home loan or running its home loan his/him age below 35.Kindly give him subsidi Or any other benefits To complete his loan easily. Thanking you

Gaurav Nirvikar Srivastava's picture

Gaurav Nirvikar Srivastava 3 months 17 hours ago

As we celebrate 72nd Independence Day, there are still "Borders within Freedom" - looming large on our Largest Democracy in the World...Borders that create divide for Human Touch / National Development / Justice for All - Some Borders we have kept in our Minds that is detrimental to the Nation's Progress...Request your touch base on these points.