Give Suggestions on how to make Chandigarh a Smart City

Give Suggestions on how to make Chandigarh a Smart City
Last Date Jan 01,2016 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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The stage 2 of the Smart City competition is very crucial as each city’s Smart City Proposal (SCP) is supposed to contain the model chosen, whether retrofitting or redevelopment ...

The stage 2 of the Smart City competition is very crucial as each city’s Smart City Proposal (SCP) is supposed to contain the model chosen, whether retrofitting or redevelopment or greenfield development or a mix thereof, and additionally include Pan-City dimension with Smart Solutions. The Smart City Proposal (SCP) will also outline the consultations held with the city residents and other stakeholders. Also, a vision for the Smart City has to be prepared, and this vision should emerge from the needs, aspirations and wishes of the local people to make their city offering more to live better life.

The biggest driver of the Smart City is the smart citizen. Citizen involvement in Smart Cities is elevated. So, the Smart City Proposal will be Citizen Centric, designated after consultations with residents of the city and through active participation of various groups such as Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs), Tax Payers Associations (TPAs), Senior Citizens and Slum Dwellers Associations (SDAs).

During consultations, various issues such as areas of utmost concern, needs and priorities of citizens and different groups/associations will be identified and people centric solutions will be evolved.

Chandigarh Administration hereby invites the citizens of Chandigarh to share their views on ‘How to make Chandigarh a Smart City’. The campaign aims to increase public participation in Chandigarh Administration’s effort to garner support for the city’s quest for a Smart City tag.

The residents of Chandigarh can also post, share their ideas, views and opinions on ‘Smart Chandigarh’- the official mobile app of U.T., Administration.

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Dhruv Manchanda 5 years 10 months ago

Pollution is a big concern in todays date ! Today ngt took strict steps which would have been taken earlier

These steps should be a warning for our Chandigarh too on no. Of increasing cars here .!

Here also a ban on diesel cars sale should be introduced

The prices of petrol and diesel are negligible now comparing for long running kms.

Diesel fumes are highly toxic compared to that of petrol
Reducing a big carbon presence from atmosphere

Its imp. To think as one

HARSHITA PAHWA_1 5 years 10 months ago

7.Sports complex facility(atleast 1 in 2 sectors)with all season swimming pool.
8.Recently few incidents of violence have been noted in the city so more surveillance should be there especially at night.
9.Something should be done for the increasing traffic ASAP.
10. Drinking water facility and clean and properly maintained public toilets across the city. #Chandigarh #SmartCity

HARSHITA PAHWA_1 5 years 10 months ago

5.Due to migration of people from villages, slum areas have started developing in the outskirts of the city.Hence affordable housing facilities should be provided for them.
6.Facilities like ramps,lifts,special toilets in schools,hospitals,railway stations,bus stands and other public areas for elderly people and differently abled people.

HARSHITA PAHWA_1 5 years 10 months ago

These are some suggestions to make Chandigarh a smart city
1.Separate cycling tracks and footpath along the roads all around the city.
2.More public transport through CNG autos and buses to curb pollution.Sectors 48,49,50 and other outer sectors are not provided with adequate public transport facilities.Meter operated autos.
3.Separate lanes for ambulance.
4.Waste bins at every locality.

Sahil Joshi_5 5 years 10 months ago

The first step towards smart city would be curbing pollution ; a two fold process:
1. Monitoring and controlling the high pollutions levels from the commercial vehicles especially diesel autorickshaws and buses in chandigarh.
2. Improving the connectivity in city by way of introducing e-rickshaws. It has multiple benfits: no noise and air pollution.

On my way to my office i see vehicles giving out thick black smoke through exhausts. I wonder what happened to pollution certificate????!!

Ashish Sharma_148 5 years 10 months ago

10. Pollution free Tuesday. It means more use of public transport rather than private. On Tuesdays. Or Wednesday. Whichever day suits you. To lessen the pollution level :)

Ashish Sharma_148 5 years 10 months ago

I would like to suggest!

1. Dog catching van. To catch dogs and even cats roaming around in street. Keeping them in proper care and available for adoption.

2. Security cameras on every street light.

3.Free wifi connection across the city beautiful.

4.Young and helpful traffic police.

5.An Ambulance lane. Only for Ambulance service

6.Digital Parking facility

7.Shelter for poor class

8.A Fine of Rupees 500 on litering the streets.

9.Garbage cans at every locality.

binita_2 5 years 10 months ago

har traffic lights, chawk ke pass , bus stop or market k pass dustbin hona chahiya.... becoz jitna maine dekha h log har knhi kchra phenk dete h ... dustbin hone se log idhr udhr kchra gerne ki bjaye dustbin me hi dalenge ..... :)

Divyanshu Sharma_10 5 years 10 months ago

As a resident of M.C dhanas , sector 14 west , Chandigarh, I want to give light on day to day problems faced by localites due to domestic(owned) and some unowned cattles loitter around the steets causing unpredictable accidents . Also due to cattle dung , there has been a drastic increase of fly and mosquito count. All this is accompanies by the foul smell. This all is one and only reason that separates dhanas from chandigarh. Else nothing is bad or to be complained about. #chandigarh,#SmartCity