Efficient Parking System in Chandigarh

Efficient Parking System in Chandigarh
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What is wrong with our parking system? ...

What is wrong with our parking system?

Subsidized-modern-hi-tech parking is an oxymoron

Chandigarh car density is highest in the country with 227 cars per 1000 people, but the parking rates that are one of the lowest in the country (Rs.5 for car and Rs. 2 for scooter/ bike). This in fact lies at the root of the parking violations. The parking licensees don’t make enough money to invest in CCTVs, boom barriers and other hi-tech gadgets among other things. They also resort to unlawful means like overcharging, allowing more vehicles than the capacity, allowing other economic activities in the parking lot etc.

Equitable distribution of road space

There should be an equitable distribution of road space in the city. Currently 90% of the road space is taken by 22% of the population that owns cars. The pedestrians and users of non-motorised vehicles are squeezed out of the road because in the absence of cycling lanes etc, it is not safe for them.

What should we be doing instead?

Higher charges for parking spaces would even limit our trips by car. That would cut emissions, alleviate congestion and, as a side effect and improve land use. If the same land is given to the developers, the government can earn much more than it is currently doing. The higher parking rates can augment the city resources which can then be invested in road safety, building dedicated cycling tracks, developing green areas, developing vehicle free zones like European countries.

Cities like London, Milan, Singapore, and Stockholm have imposed congestion tax and made parking expensive. In Chandigarh, we still believe in cheap parking. But, there is actually no such thing as cheap parking. Somebody is always paying for it. In our case it is the city administration, but at what cost?

• Shouldn’t we invest more in public transport systems?
• Shouldn’t we develop more green spaces?
• Shouldn’t we have more dedicated cycling tracks and pedestrian walkways like Singapore and other western countries?
• Should we be really subsidizing the parking for the rich? National Urban Transport Policy talks about parking as a public service but the moot question is if it should be subsidized by the administration and that too for the people who are more than capable enough to pay for it? These are some of the questions which need more public participation and deeper deliberation.

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Dhruv Suri 4 years 10 months ago

In societies flats people living in ground floors cover areas illegally which can better used for parking. They make fences and make their gardens. They themselves have 2-3 cars. People having only 1 car does not have space to park anywhere. Please forbid them to make fences ,cover areas and make space for parking. The pics are of modern housing complex manimajra.

Arvind Kumar_121 4 years 10 months ago

We should implement these-
1) One time parking fee as like pollution certificate from all vehicle owners yearly basis it will increase revenue.
2) On this cost we will give vehicle owners One city One parking means park your vehicle in outside parking within city.
3) On parking we will record vehicle no. and on exit we will make also entry which will update database of parked vehicle.
4) We will limit every parking space with parking capacity.
5) We will provide live parking status to users

Arvind Kumar_121 4 years 10 months ago

I Think we can do one thing we should try One City/One Parking concept and make Parking Certificate Compulsory for all as like Pollution Certificate.

1- Charge Parking Fee and Issue parking Certificate to every vehicle owner and Parking Certificate is valid for one year after that renewal require.
2- After getting Parking Certificate person can park his/her vehicle in any parking area within a city.
3-Use Mobile App to Provide Live Parking availability status.

Read More in PDF attached,

Satya Bhushan Sarna 4 years 10 months ago

One day a week can be reserved for office goers to reach their offices by bicycle. Roads connecting sectors having offices like sec-17,34,9 etc can be blocked on that day for two hrs in the morning & evening for the convenience of cyclists. Any employee preferring to reach office for some reason may hv to follow a circuitous route or adjust office time accordingly. UT may take a public opinion on the day & route.

Amit Kumar_585 4 years 10 months ago

Administration must must start with ensuring full utilization of the current infrastructure. #Chandigarh, by design, has a lot of parking space but it is sad to see that lot of those are not utilized properly and managed poorly. Few suggestions
1. All the underground parking spaces should be cleared, cleaned and made available to public for use
2. Parking lots must be clearly marked (outlined) for proper parking
3. Open parking lots are full of pot holes and garbage and need cleaning

Nagendrasena Manyam 4 years 10 months ago

Traffic and Parking issues - I feel atleast 50% problem will be solved if govt. looks into future. Like, use of single wheel electric bike and 2 wheeler car electric. . . Eg of 2 wheel car from one of the manufacture. If we invite such companies to make in India, then it will be cost effective.

rajneesh porwal 4 years 10 months ago

Even with better public transport, we cannot check the rising vehicle ownership in developing economies such as ours, we can only just check the number of times/duration the private vehicles are on road, thus reducing congestion.