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The draft NBPP is aimed at improving the availability, accessibility, quality of books and readership. The draft NBPP has been made under the guidance of the National Book ...

The draft NBPP is aimed at improving the availability, accessibility, quality of books and readership. The draft NBPP has been made under the guidance of the National Book Promotion Council (NBPC) which is chaired by the Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development. The draft NBPP is being placed domain for inviting comments and suggestions from the general public.

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Last date of submission is 3rd March, 2019.

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Anurag Shukla 9 months 1 week ago

I will suggest that NCERT job should be limited to syllabus writing not the publishing of books. In my education days in Madhya Pradesh on all school subjects, sufficient books of different authors were available. Each author was master on particular chapter of his/her book. We were free to read many number of books to score higher marks as there was yearly exams.Now exam at lower classes are not carried out resulting no competition to score high marks.Thus readership is reduced. continue.

Manoj Kumar Sharma 9 months 1 week ago

1.University\Open University students to be inquired for soft \hard book while registering for semesters.2.Prior information be available for book printing orders.3.Exam results can be declared within one month period.(Professionals could be hired -New source of employment.4.Year round exams can be divided into categories (Additional classification for exam teachers- MGnrega kind of scheme for qualified.)5.Students can complete 3 year graduation in 2 years.6.One year for skill dev.

Jepranshu Aganivanshi 9 months 1 week ago

National Book Draft Policy seem to be a progressing idea but d emphasis should be more on developing indigenous wisdom through books rather than just making the availability of internationally written books to Indian audience which shud also be done but as a secondary priority sector. Development of Libraries & accessibility is a very mch needed exercise as d situation currently is quite bad & libraries which are to be developed under this shall not just eye on copying ideas from here and there.

Isha gupta 9 months 1 week ago

Hello readers,
My thoughts in the given topic is that -:
1) Accessibility-for this I think that book that will be printed should be made of good quality recycle paper so that the cost of the book will not e more and all can easily afford it .Thus the book will be accessible to all the citizen
2.quality of book -i think we cannot always say that the quality of recycle paper is very bad.yes, some time it is bad but recycle paper also has has different level of quality .good quality can be used.

Anil Kumar Chauhan 9 months 1 week ago

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Tanmoy Kumar Bharati 9 months 1 week ago

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