Consultation Paper on Review of Television Audience Measurement and Ratings in India

Television Audience measurement implies measurement of what is being viewed on television. On the basis of audience measurement data, ratings are assigned to various programmes on ...

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Television Audience measurement implies measurement of what is being viewed on television. On the basis of audience measurement data, ratings are assigned to various programmes on television. Television ratings in turn influence programmes produced for the viewers.

In 2012 MIB sought recommendations of TRAI for laying down comprehensive guidelines/accreditation mechanism for Television rating agencies in India to ensure transparency and accountability in the rating system. After an exhaustive consultation process TRAI gave its recommendations on “Guidelines/Accreditation Mechanism for television ratings Agencies in India” to MIB on 13th September 2013. The Authority supported self regulation of television ratings through an industry led body. TRAI recommended comprehensive guidelines for registration of television rating agencies. MIB accepted TRAI recommendations and notified Policy Guidelines for Television Rating Agencies in India on 10th January 2014. Under these guidelines, the industry-led body BARC was accredited by MIB on 28th July 2015, to carry out the television ratings in India. BARC commenced its operations in 2015 and since then it is the sole provider of TV rating services on commercial basis.

Several concerns relating to neutrality and reliability of the existing rating system have been raised by stakeholders, which necessitated a need to review of existing Television Audience Measurement and Ratings system in India. Accordingly, TRAI has suo-motu floated this consultation paper with basic objective to solicit the views of stakeholders on regulatory initiatives/measures to be taken to make TV rating services more accurate, widely acceptable. This consultation paper also explores possibilities of use of new technologies to enhance credibility, transparency, neutrality and fairness in the TV rating in India. The full text of the Consultation Paper is available on TRAI’s website .

Written comments on the consultation paper are invited from the stakeholders by 2nd January 2019. Counter-comments, if any, may be submitted by 16thJanuary 2019. The comments and counter-comments may be sent, preferably in electronic form, to Mr. Arvind Kumar, Advisor (B&CS) on the e-mail address or
Comments and counter-comments will be posted on TRAI’S website

Click here to read Consultation Paper on Review of Television Audience Measurement and Ratings in India

For any clarification / information, Shri Arvind Kumar, Advisor(B&CS) may be contracted at Tel. No.: +91-11-23220209, Fax: -91-11-23230056.

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Mahipal singh's picture
Mahipal singh 3 months 5 days ago

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी हमारे छेत्र मे अधिकारी जनसुनवाई मे शिकायत करने पर जनता का शोषण करते उनसे जबरदस्ती निस्तारण पर साइन कराकर गाली गलौच करते ऐसे भ्रष्ट अधिकारियों पर जनता की कोइ नही सुनता हमारे यहां के सांसद विधायक सब बेकार हे पिछली बार आपकी वजह से जीत गये थे लेकिन यदि इस बार यही रहे तो संभल विधानसभा जीतना नामुमकिन हे

AMRISH SHARAN 3 months 5 days ago

A positive news plays an important role in overall development. Television's important contribution to a good government, a good policy, family and child development, social reform, etc. is very important. any rating and publicity only depend upon positive development.

ADITHYA's picture
ADITHYA 3 months 5 days ago

In tv programmes especially serials instead of family spoiling serials, biopics of revolutionaries should be encouraged to be shaped into serials.

Zulkharnine Sultana's picture
Zulkharnine Sultana 3 months 5 days ago

Watching Television is good for all ages,it gives knowledge of all types to understand,but it should not imitate,which spoils us.

Paramanantham's picture
Paramanantham 3 months 5 days ago

Im really like to spend my time with watching television,that would help me to get me out from stress about my job and from day life

Vaishya Atul Gupta's picture
Vaishya Atul Gupta 3 months 6 days ago

sir tv channel me jo kuch bhi dikhaya jaye uske liye ek committee banai jo review kar sake chahe vo news ho ya serial ya fir movie aaj ke time me bahut kuch fake dikhya jata h jisse public ka trust hatta ja rha h media nd telivision se kabhi kabhi to aisa bhi hota h ki jo possible nhi h us bhi dikhaya jata jiski vajaha se m aaj tak movie nhi dekh rha sir plzz kuch kare jisse fake system se bacha ja sake thanksssss regard

KARTHIKEYAN GANESAN 3 months 6 days ago

Television audience may see so many programs in television.... But there are so many programs which is non relevant to the people are shown in the television which in inappropriate to the users who uses the television... As per my suggestions the television programmers can deliver the good programs which is used for the peoples, and mainly conduct an good reality shows for the students. Thank You...

Jayanta Topadar's picture
Jayanta Topadar 3 months 6 days ago

Sir, Namaskar! Television captures the adolescents and youth with all impact, and the imprints of its visual communication, the adolescent and young viewers relate to the visual imagery and be a part of it directly or indirectly. Hence,the programmes,in general,ought to be more authentic & attached with the real world situations not only the 'showmaker's TRP ratings'. There are a lot more things that are,practically desired by today's enthusiastic viewers. More Indianness is desired therein.