Citizen-Friendly Services

Citizen-Friendly Services
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Jan 07, 2016
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Mar 08, 2016
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LPG is a dominant cooking fuel of urban population and also, steadily penetrating in rural areas replacing other traditional sources of fuel which included fire wood, cow dung, ...

LPG is a dominant cooking fuel of urban population and also, steadily penetrating in rural areas replacing other traditional sources of fuel which included fire wood, cow dung, coal, etc.

There are nearly 17 crore LPG consumers in the country with average refill of 35 lakh cylinders per day. The reach of LPG connections as well as providing timely services to the consumers has always kept in pace with the technological innovations. Provision of timely services and attending the grievances of the consumers continues to be critical for consumers’ satisfaction.

Available Web as well as Mobile phone based applications are extensively used to enable the new customers to get LPG connections and the existing customers to avail services. The Ministry has been taking all measures to leverage the Digital India initiative to make it more consumers friendly.
Presently, following citizen friendly services are being offered for the prospective and existing LPG consumers.

•Book Cylinder through IVRS -– allows consumer to book refill through their registered mobile number.
•Track Refill – It’s both Web and App based facility which shows consumer last 3 booking & delivery date
•Know Your Distributor –Web based facility provides distributor name, address, contact no , Sales officers name & email id
•Talk to Us – connects to call centre managed round the clock.
•Request for 2nd cylinder – allows consumer with single cylinder connection to request for additional cylinder.
•Mechanic Service – allows consumer to register request for mechanic service.
•Surrender connection – allows consumer to register request for surrendering connection.
•Rate your distributor – allows consumer to rate distributor on 5 service parameters, which enables the consumer to ascertain the quality of services provided by the distributor.
•Bank Detail – allows consumer to update Bank details for becoming Cash Transfer Complaint to avail the subsidy under ‘PaHal’ scheme.
•Opt out of Subsidy – provides option to ‘GiveItUp’ of LPG subsidy.
•Feedback Status – allows consumer to check status of any feedback submitted earlier

Ministry further wants to bring new innovations/improvement in services provided with an aim to enhance ‘quality’ of the services provided and transparency in transactions. Therefore, suggestions/creative inputs are solicited from the all the stakeholders on improving the services using communication platforms.

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Nirav Mody
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Nirav Mody 7 years 9 months ago

an app to help us citizens connect to our local MLA or MP to address complaints or suggestions for our particular area. same with the BMC for the ward the citizen lives in to help with improving their area and make it better.

shailender kumar_5
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shailender kumar_5 7 years 9 months ago

I am ready to give up my subsidy if the govt. of India get a CAG audit done of all the govt. owned oil companies every year and publish an honest and transparent balance sheet of these companies every year.
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Ajay A 7 years 9 months ago

Hi,it will be great if citizens can link their various services that require KYC(LPG, Bank, Credit card, Veh registration, Licence etc)to aadhaar and ensure that in case of address changes for the citizen, a change in aadhaar will update the address in all the linked services. most of the citizens spend a lot of productive time in updating such details during transfers etc. also no one updates the veh registration/licence etc and hence traffic challans never the reach the right person.

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Veeru_14 7 years 9 months ago

please develop a mobile application which helps public to post their requirements ( plumbers, Electrician, certificates, medical, transplant.., ) anything. So that registered workers can see this based on their GPS point and respond. you can call this application as MYTHRI. This helps a lot for employment, friendly service, generate good money if u can make it chargeable basis