Citizen Consultation Round 3 for GIFT Smart City Proposal

Citizen Consultation Round 3 for GIFT Smart City Proposal
Last Date Mar 31,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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GIFT City has pioneered the ‘smart cities’ movement in India. To continue its status as torchbearer of ‘Indian Smart Cities’ and bring in innovations relevant to Indian ...

GIFT City has pioneered the ‘smart cities’ movement in India. To continue its status as torchbearer of ‘Indian Smart Cities’ and bring in innovations relevant to Indian context, GIFT will be participating in the 100 smart cities challenge. Through a consultative process which entailed feedback from citizens, businesses, academicians, and NGOs – GIFT City has established the following vision:

GIFT City - A gateway to 'New India'. An emerging global destination that is India's first international financial services centre and multi-service special economic zone which embodies citizen delight through its vibrant socio-economic environment, world class infrastructure at affordable costs, and pre-emptive governance.

The focus areas identified by GIFT to achieve the vision are:
• Capitalize on IFSC and service sector to create jobs and establish India in global financial services landscape
• Create social infrastructure to ensure citizen delight
• Continue as a torchbearer of engineering innovation in physical infrastructure for “Indian Smart City”
• Achieve excellence in city operations management
• Ensure financial viability and create surplus for sustained development

Further, as per the mission guidelines – an area has been demarcated in the city for accelerated development. This area includes locations such as Residential in Block 45 & 46, Affordable Housing in Block 45 and Commercial packages in Blocks 51 to 56, 58 in the DTA Area, Office building in Block 2, 13 to 15 and Artificial lake with Recreational area in the SEZ area, Social infrastructure in DTA includes School and Hospital. Following are the initiatives that will be taken up in the demarcated area:
• Physical infrastructure development - District cooling plant, solid waste pipeline, travellators, utility tunnels, smart water distribution network, electric vehicles, mobile environment friendly toilets, multi-utility parking, sewage treatment plant, engaging landscape design and street furniture, water treatment plant, power substation, online rainwater harvesting, and utility street trench.
• Social Infrastructure Development - Amphitheatre, non-vehicle street zones (pedestrian friendly pathways), lake development (Samriddhi Sarovar) - MBR, public bike sharing platform, and green space development.

Across the city, key information and communication technology initiatives will be taken up to enhance the operational efficiency and ensure citizen delight. These initiatives include augmentation of city command and control center, augmentation of city network and city wide Wi-Fi, citizen app, common city card payment systems, digital sign boards, emergency response systems, ERP, smart kiosks, smart meters (water and power), smart parking, and city surveillance.

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H Anandkumar singh 3 years 4 months ago

A smart City is built on many factor. Wifi is the only means of communication between Node. We have to create n-number of node. Node may be define as below category:
1. Street Light Pole-Smart Control with built in sensor of Environment condition and climate condition, water level detection in case of flood
2. Metro railway-having smart card and travel, or any credit card can be use as smart card.
3. Information center available any corner of street.
4. Recycle Bin in every street corner.

JAGDISH PATHAK 3 years 4 months ago

In respect to Rajkot smart city,I want to suggest that,Infrastructure development and Industrial development is very important,but, enviornment is also very important, pollution free atmosphere is very important for health of the people, hence, proper care should be taken to control the pollution,specially air and water pollution is great problem should be resolved,green revolution in city should be implemented by plantation programmes all over the city by NGO and other institution, best wishes

vinod kumar singh 3 years 4 months ago

The GIFT city has been the smart city in true sense ans spirit.The infrastructure created in the gift city and its efficiency has been citizen friendly and in many cases 1st time in India. This makes the Gift city the role model for the other planned smart cities in India. Few salient features of infrastructure like Artificial Lake and Multi level parking are being executed to make the city congestion free and live resulting in joy and happiness of the people working or residing in Gift city.

Asha 3 years 4 months ago

cctv har jagah lage huve he criminal ko pakadne ke liye.lekin itna kaafi nahi he.sahi tarike se cctv ka use nahi ho raha he.mere idea se cctv helpfull tabhi hoga jab cctv ki live footage dekhi jaayegi.ager aise staff live cctv footage pe nazar rakhenge to on the time crime hone se rok sakenge,aur wohi time pe criminal ko pakad sakenge.aise crime ko rokna bahot easy ho jayega.aur criminal bhi bach nahi se city crimeless ho jayegi aur polish ka kaam bhi city safe India

Vijay Singh Chauhan 3 years 4 months ago

#Tags#Gift# Gift City is the perfect example of dream come true for the vision of our Honourable PM.This has got the distinction of being the 1st operational IFSC of India and 1st greenfield smart city.The benchmark for many other smart cities in making.Proud to be part of the team making this dream come true.

Asha 3 years 4 months ago

green city clean city and love to nature is very important.sabko mann se trees,animals,birds ko save karna hoga.nature apni shaan he.nature ki dekh bhal sirf accha kaam hi nahi lekin apna kartavya he.please respect animals.kyoki ye pollution aur population me animals,birds,aur greenary trees kam hote jaa rahe he.nature kitna usefull he.sirf hume care karni he.please save nature.feature nature save peoples.aur animals ko save karne ke liye hume animals ke saath kuch wrong naa ho wo dekhna hoga.

Ajay Sachdeva 3 years 4 months ago

How does it balance the threat of Security and potential disruptions and Human Smartness like educating them, driving them and making them comfortable with the use technology

Tanmay Sharma 3 years 4 months ago

High Frequency trading companies prefer setting up their office near an exchange. GIFT might be able to attract HFTs if there are some provision made to setup a subsidiary branch of exchanges (not sure if this can be done but maybe an optic fiber connection with original exchange which will ensure low latency). Thanks