Enabling Inclusive Education – education of Girls, SCs, STs, Minorities and children with special needs

The issue of social access and equity are far too complex. While the gaps in average enrolments between disadvantaged groups like SC, ST, Muslims, girls and Children with special needs and the general population have decreased, there is still a considerably large gap in learning levels with historically disadvantaged and economically weaker children having significantly lower learning outcomes. Large and growing learning gaps threaten the equity gains achieved on the enrolment front because children with lower levels of learning are more likely to drop out. We need to examine current interventions in bridging the gender and social gaps and identify focused strategies for effective inclusion.

Name of the Moderator: Indumathi Rao, Regional Adviser, CBR NETWORK, Vice Chairperson, National Bal Bhavan

Day, Date and Time: Tuesday, 2nd June, 2015 at 3.00 PM

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the speakers / moderators do not, in any way, represent the views of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Government of India.

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Dr M Sudhish 5 years 1 month ago

I feel that we all need the following three things: Know how/ do how and transfer how.
The transfer how is the most important thing and this keeps on changing from children to children and group to group. Disadvantaged group- disadvantaged from different perspectives become more disadvantaged if their needs and background is not taken care of. They need to be taught with examples from their surroundings. language and culture. There is a need to bridge from local to global and this takes time.