Crowdsourcing of ideas for proposed Career Centres

Crowdsourcing of ideas for proposed Career Centres
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The Ministry of Labour and Employment is implementing the National Career Service (NCS) as a Mission Mode Project for establishing a network of Career Centres for providing a ...

The Ministry of Labour and Employment is implementing the National Career Service (NCS) as a Mission Mode Project for establishing a network of Career Centres for providing a variety of employment related services. These Career Centres will be the main outreach centres for the National Career Service Project. In this project, a National portal is also being developed to facilitate registration of job-seekers, job providers, intermediaries etc. and provide job matching services in a transparent manner. These facilities alongwith career counselling content will be delivered by the portal through multiple channels like Career Centres, helpdesk, mobile devices, CSCs etc.

The Ministry seeks to position the National Career Service as a one-stop platform for all employment and career related services. It seeks suggestions from the public, youth, students, Research Institutes, Industry Associations, Academia, Industry etc.forCareer Centres on the indicative areas listed below:

a. Branding of Career Centres: A name and tagline communicating the objectives with particular focus on provision of employment and counselling related services to the youth of the country

b. Coverage of Career Centre: Geographical catchment, Sectoral thrust, Special focus groups, Women and youth centric

c. Implementation Agency for Career Centres: Academia (schools, colleges, universities etc), Industry, Industry Associations, Governmental organisations

d. Services to be offered: Jobseeker registration, Employer registration and job posting, Career counselling, aptitude assessment, Job matching, Information on availability of courses at educational institutions, training providers, Guidance on self-employment and entrepreneurship.

e. Technology Platformfor NCS: Linkage with Aadhaar/Bank accounts to meet KYC norms, Integration with other large databases, Verification of certificates and credentials.

f. Network of Career Counsellors: By linking career counsellors in schools, colleges and universities toprovide professionalcounselling.

g. Involvement of Civil Society, NGOs, CBOs and self-help groups.

h. Local Service Providers through Career Centres: Directory of Local service providers like drivers, plumbers, electricians etc.

i. Career Content Knowledge Repository: A searchable and updated database of skills based content in multiple media formats for easy access.

j. Revenue model for Career Centres to ensure sustainability.

k. Public Outreach Strategies.

Most suitable and innovative entries will be rewarded by a cash prize by the Ministry.

The last date for submission of entries is 31st March, 2015.

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