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Givings Wings, Fulfilling Aspirations with UDAN

Ensuring Universal Social Security

Fast-Paced Execution of Long-Stuck Projects

Connecting India at Express Speed

Ensuring Food Security for Over 80 Crore People

Connecting India at Express Speed

Ushering a Digital Revolution in India

Powering a Billion Aspirations

Direct Benefit Transfer Ensuring Transparency

Aviral Ganga, Nirmal Ganga

A Giant Leap Towards Universal Healthcare

Opening Avenues for the Deserving

Lower Medical Expenditure, Better health

Lower Medical Expenditure, Better Health

Secured & Empowered Living

From Home-Makers to Nation Builders

Transforming Medical Infrastructure in the Country

Skills, Capital & Opportunities for Nari Shakti

Smoke-Free Kitchens in every Household

Fostering a Bright Future for the Girl Child

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