The World Sees a New India

The World Sees a New India

The 48 months has led to a transformation in the perception of India around the globe, mainly facilitated by Prime Minister Modi’s growing friendship and solidarity with other leaders of the world. Under his leadership, India has secured a spot in the list of elite countries to have their own navigation systems. India’s participation in international institutions and regional forums for regional stability has also witnessed significant improvement. The modernisation of the Indian military, air force and navy has secured India’s position as a dominant power in world politics. India has also emerged as a leading country against climate change by playing a vital role in the recent climate change conference in Paris and spearheading the Solar Alliance. India has become a global growth engine as a result of the actions of the Modi administration. The current foreign policy of the Modi government committed to securing better relations with our neighbours has also led to improved bilateral ties with them. With the diplomatic efforts of India, International Yoga Day is celebrated across the globe with great vigour.

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